U.S. Navy

The mission of the United States Navy remains that of maintaining, training and equipping combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas. In addition to these traditional missions, Naval personnel are currently engaged throughout the globe in combating terrorism and protecting the homeland. The merging of traditional and non-traditional missions requires the prudent usage of budget resources and demands innovative thinking and solutions. Nortel Government Solutions supports the Navy in acquisition and program management and information technology services. We are engaged with our Navy customers in the following transformational initiatives:

  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Lean/Six-Sigma Implementation
  • Capturing Cost Reductions
  • Improving and Measuring Productivity
  • Virtual Systems Command (SYSCOM) Initiative

Major Clients

  • Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Space and Warfare Systems Command
  • Program Executive Officer (PEO) Ships
  • Program Executive Officer (PEO) Integrated Warfare Systems
  • Navy Office of the General Counsel
  • Chief Engineer of the Navy (CHENG)

Technologies and Services

  • Acquisition Program Management
  • Financial Management Service Support
  • Accounting Services
  • Program Staff Augmentation
  • Litigation Management Support
  • Network Operations


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