U.S. Army

Today's Army is shaped by an evolving operational force structure and network centric, on-demand information info-structure dictated to enable rapid response to increased non-traditional threats that jeopardize its ability to project force where needed.

By using netcentric information technologies as a force multiplier to support the soldier from factory to foxhole, Army Transformation will provide the future force with increased actionable intelligence, security, responsiveness, deployability and sustainability.

Nortel Government Solutions has been an active partner in supporting the Army in this process through its longstanding leadership position in network centric enabling technologies.

Major Clients

  • U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General
  • U.S. Army Medical Command
  • U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center

Technologies and Services

  • Enterprise Systems Management
  • System and Network Engineering
  • Information Assurance and Security Solutions
  • Business Operations Support
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Email and Active Directory


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