Enabling small and small disadvantaged businesses to become prime Federal contractors.

What is SDBPrime?

SDBPrime is a program that enables proven, highly qualified IT and telecommunications small and small disadvantaged businesses to become Prime Federal contractors.

Why did Nortel Government Solutions establish SDBPrime?

Like any quality company, Nortel Government Solutions is always looking for first rate, like-minded organizations to partner with. But some very special circumstances in the SDB space led us to conclude that we could help satisfy a very large, unfulfilled demand.

Each year, the Federal government targets billions of IT budget dollars to small and small disadvantaged businesses as prime contractors. Yet only a fraction of these dollars ever reach the SDBs themselves. That's because of the 'perceived risks' of awarding to an SDB as a prime. Key among these challenges faced by the SDB was the lack of scale, product access, competencies, skills, financial challenges or just being outside the industry mainstream. By providing our SDB associates access to all Nortel Government Solutions services and solutions, and supplementing this with additional training, marketing and aggressive industry advocacy support, those risks would be mitigated and our SDBs could qualify as prime contractors.

What are some additional benefits to SDBPrime associates?

As Prime contractors, they will control their own destiny, as opposed to working only on what a prime gives themwhen they give it. They will be able to focus on their core competencies as Nortel Government Solutions will be available to work as their sub. When pursuing business, our strengths will help level the playing field, thus increasing their chances for a win. They can also tap into the strengths of their fellow SDBPrime associates. Finally, SDBPrime associates will be able to pursue bigger deals with the services, support and stability of Nortel Government Solutions at their sides.

How does a company participate in SDBPrime.

If your company is interested in becoming a SDBPrime associate, please go to the Getting Started page of this website and complete the contact form. For additional information, you are welcome to access all features of the Nortel Government Solutions website. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you!