Today, more than ever, the networking technology decisions made by the Federal Government will help shape the country’s ability to serve its citizens’ needs, respond to threats, and analyze and use information to protect citizens, property, and infrastructure. With more than a century of delivering technological innovation, expertise, and business value to customers worldwide, Nortel Government Solutions is committed to providing the Federal Government with secure, end-to-end, carrier-grade networks supporting mission-critical applications and communications.

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Featured Products

Contact Center
A diverse suite of customer interaction solutions including IP contact center, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), multimedia, self-service, and advanced speech recognition solutions that deliver a complete, seamless customer experience.

Communication Servers
A portfolio of converged IP telephony and multimedia solutions that deliver seamless, scalable, reliable VoIP and Multimedia communications with the flexibility that enables Government to cost-effectively migrate to packet-based networks.

Ethernet Switching
A broad portfolio of products designed to securely deliver Layer 2 connectivity, Layer 3 routing and Quality of Service, combined with Layer 4-7 content-aware intelligence to provide the speed, performance, bandwidth, and relability required for Government networks.

Switched Firewalls
A broad portfolio of switched firewall protection products optimized to protect and secure access to mission critical network resources for government agencies of all sizes.

Threat Protection System
A real time, adaptive defense solution to defend government agency networks against hacks, attacks, worms and viruses.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
Remote-access and site-to-site VPN solutions that can securely connect remote users and/or remote locations to one another, as well as to agency headquarter sites while leveraging the cost efficiencies of the Internet.

Meridian Systems
Including Meridian SL-100 and the Meridian 1 family, these products are designed to meet voice communications needs whatever the size.

PBX Systems
From remote and branch office solutions to large campus networks, customers have come to trust and depend on Meridian's profit-building advanced applications and features for their mission-critical voice communications.

Optical Networking
Industry leading Optical transport and Storage Connectivity solutions that span SONET, SDH, WDM and Layer 2/Layer 3 switching for high quality voice and data services, effective bandwidth utilization and uninterrupted performance of base and campus networks.

Unified Messaging
CallPilot Unified Messaging combines voicemail, fax and e-mail into a single location that can be accessed from anywhere, whether over the Internet or by telephone.

Wireless Networking
Wireless broadband technologies (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA2000 1X and 1xEV-DO, UMTS) and next generation wireless solutions to support the delivery of feature-rich broadband mobile services for improved workforce efficiency and to maintain critical operations.

Wireless Mesh Network
Secure, cost effective, Wireless LANs extension that is ideal for seamless, indoor and outdoor broadband wireless coverage and in areas where traditional WLAN systems aren't able to cover.

WLAN Portfolio
Secure mobile networking environment, featuring true mobility across the campus, strong encryption to protect the network and intuitive management for control of the wireless environment.