Like all great companies, Nortel Government Solutions values the usefulness of change. To be a better competitor, a better government partner, Nortel Government Solutions needs to embrace business evolution. In one area, however, we will not stray from our core – and that area is ethics. Our company has a long tradition of commitment to the highest standards of conduct. That commitment will not change. As I have said to you before, in order to do noble work – which Nortel Government Solutions does every day – we must have unwavering integrity.

Our Code of Conduct is a critical tool in our operations. It is also an important link with our parent Nortel. As you know, Mike Zafirovski, Nortel's CEO, and the Nortel board of directors have set the bar high for all of us in remaking Nortel into a great company. Their expectations, which mirror my own, are that every officer and employee will commit to and will act with the utmost integrity.

The Code describes what acting with integrity means at Nortel Government Solutions and how it relates to our core beliefs and leadership. It outlines principles and rules to guide ethical decision making and gives practical answers to many of the ethical questions we face in the course of our work.

Scrupulous and consistent adherence to the Code helps ensure our integrity and establishes the climate for our long-term success.

Dedication to ethics is a covenant that each of us makes with our company, our customers, our fellow employees, and ourselves. It says that we operate with truthfulness and that we each take moral responsibility for all the actions we take in the name of Nortel Government Solutions and, by extension, Nortel.

Nortel and Nortel Government Solutions are names of which we can be proud. Our mission – yours and mine – is to keep that pride untarnished and to create a reputation for honesty and integrity that is unassailable.


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