Corporate Information

Nortel Government Solutions is a trusted partner for governments to support the livelihood, security and well-being of its citizens. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of technology and high-end services capable of meeting the demands of the most complex and important systems in the world. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Nortel Government Solutions engineers, deploys and manages mission-critical solutions for government, including homeland security, criminal justice, defense and civilian agencies within the U.S. Federal Government and at state and local levels.


  • Government Business Operations
  • Satellite Communications
  • Software Data Management and Integration
  • COTS Application Integration
  • Custom Software Development
  • Network and Systems Engineering and Management
  • Operations and Maintenance Services
  • Information Assurance and Security Solutions
  • Program Management
  • Enterprise IT Systems
  • Public Safety Solutions
  • Water Quality Analysis


  • Contact Center
  • Communication Servers
  • Ethernet Switching
  • Switched Firewalls
  • Threat Protection System
  • VPN
  • Meridian Systems
  • PBX Systems
  • Optical Networking
  • Unified Messaging
  • Wireless Networking
  • Wireless Mesh NetworkWireless Mesh Network
  • WLAN Portfolio


  • Biometrics and Identity Management
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Case Management
  • Enterprise Systems Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Command Control and Communications (C3)
  • Strategy and Process Improvement
  • Integrated Justice and Public Safety Solutions
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Legacy Migration

Business Sectors:

  • Civilian Government
    • Homeland Security
    • Criminal Justice and Intelligence
    • Civilian eGovernment
    • Information Systems Solutions
  • Defense
    • U.S. Air Force
    • U.S. Army
    • U.S. Navy
    • DoD Agencies
    • Intelligence


Fairfax, VA (metro Washington, D.C.)


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