Civilian Government

The rapid exchange of current and secure information between agencies, across borders and among the citizenry is more critical now than ever. It enables the enforcement of laws. It safely and securely moves people, goods and services. And it keeps us a step ahead of those who wish us harm. Nortel Government Solutions understands this and helps bring the solutions that make these crucial services possible to three civilian government segments at the forefront of citizen service:

Benefits provided include:

  • Biometric expertise for the most reliable identification of criminals nationwide and across borders
  • Encryption services for speedy and secure inter-agency information exchange
  • Managed infrastructure support linking key law enforcement components for greater cooperation and collaboration
  • Secure, assured networking enabling thousands of dispersed workers immediate, secure access to vast repositories of criminal and investigative information
  • Quicker positive identification and background validation for legal entry into the United States
  • Safer and more secure transport of people, goods and services over land, sea and air
  • Greater public confidence through accelerated use of e-commerce

Services Overview

Nortel Government Solutions delivers these benefits through four (4) major services:


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