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Civilian Government
The rapid exchange of current and secure information between agencies, across borders and among the citizenry is more critical now than ever. It enables the enforcement of laws. It safely and securely moves people, goods and services. And it keeps us a step ahead of those who wish us harm. Nortel Government Solutions understands this and helps bring the solutions that make these crucial services possible to three civilian government segments at the forefront of citizen service.

For over 15 years, Nortel Government Solutions has been an integral partner of the Department of Defense. Today, we stand at the ready to support the Department of Defense in the areas of Critical Mission Support, Data Integration and Analysis, and Information Security Support Services.

Nortel Government Solutions is a recognized world-leader in telecommunications, and a proven provider of technological and intelligence services for the Federal Government. Nortel Government Solutions combines its abilities in creating innovative technological solutions with its human talent in a wide-variety of intelligence disciplines to support local, state, and Federal governments in their mission to fight terrorism and protect national security, both at home and abroad.


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